Learning Tower (Black)


The learning tower promotes the child's autonomy by allowing them to actively participate in everyday tasks. With it they can safely reach the highest surfaces.

Its design is based on the basic principle of Montessori pedagogy to develop the child's independence and involvement in daily tasks. It doesn't take up much space, as it is foldable, and when not in use we can easily store it.

It is a learning tower that, when turning the safety support backwards, can be a chair, or even a small stepladder, being quite resistant, it helps parents reach higher shelves.

Benefits of using the learning tower:

  • Improves confidence and independence;
  • Satisfies your curiosity;
  • Be free to reach higher points;
  • Inclusion of the child in daily tasks.

Can be used from 18 months under adult supervision.

60kg weight limit

Open Size:

  • 87 cm high, 41 cm wide, 55 cm long

Closed size:

  • 95 cm high, 41 cm wide, 15 cm long